Gia Fenton

Music Therapy Intern

 Temple University

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Gia Fenton

Gia Fenton joined our team is a music therapy intern in September 2021. Gia is a student from Temple University located in Philadelphia but is a native of Connecticut. She is in the process of completing the 1200 clinical training hours required in order sit for the national board certification exam through the Certification Board for Music Therapists. Upon completion of her internship and demonstration of her proficiency across a variety of clinical, musical, and professional skills, Gia will be eligible to become a board certified music therapist.

Gia completed two practicum placements with Infinity during the Fall Semester of 2020 and Spring Semester of 2021. Her enthusiasm for music therapy, attentiveness to detail, strong musicianship, and her ability to quickly develop a solid working relationship with her clients led us to accept her back as a music therapy intern. 

During her practicum placements with Infinity, Gia led telehealth and in-person sessions with children and adults diagnosed with a variety of developmental disabilities including Autism, Angelman’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome. She has also worked with adults diagnosed with mental health disorders such as PTSD and anxiety

Gia’s primary instrument is jazz voice and she enjoys playing the piano and guitar as well. She is in the process of expanding her use of percussion within the clinical setting and is growing her songwriting skills. 

During her internship, Gia will be working with children and adults with a variety of needs under the supervision of our clinical team. Gia will have opportunities to work in special education programs, early intervention, mental health settings, and more. She will also be completing several case studies through Infinity’s “Pay as You Are Able” program. 

What is Gia hoping to learn at Infinity?

“I am hoping to learn how to become a well-rounded music therapist who can balance the clinical, musical, and professional skills needed as a full-time music therapist! I am hoping to learn more about the intake process through my case studies and learn how to develop appropriate treatment plans for my clients. I am also hoping to strengthen my knowledge on the various diagnoses of clients I encounter with mental illness and developmental disabilities.” 

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