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Happy and healthy employees are more productive employees and lets face it…productivity is what keeps you in business, right? 

In 2014, Infinity’s Assistant Director of Services, Amy Brownell, introduced a pilot study to help boost self-care in our workplace. What was supposed to last just about a month, is still going on today! We’ve seen the shift in mentality in our team, and we’d love to bring it to yours!

We offer a variety of team-building and self-care services for work teams and we offer a complete customized invoice for your business tax needs. All of our corporate services receive customized quotes based upon the number of participants and the length of each event. 

Team Song-Writing and Art Creation

One of our clinicians will walk your team through writing an original theme song for your business. A variety of percussion instruments and guitars will be brought to this session so your team can play together regardless of their music background. Together they will create the album art work which can be displayed at your company. No music or art experience is necessary.

This workshop focuses on teamwork, creativity, team pride, leadership, and can boost overall morale.

Best suited for teams with 4-20 people. Lasts 2.5-3 hours.

Leadership Through Drumming

Your team will have the opportunity to engage in, and lead, a drum circle. Infinity will provide various drums, shakers, and other percussion instruments to be used during this community exercise. Your team will be led through a variety of percussion-based games and your employees will have the opportunity to lead their coworkers in various drumming games. No prior experience is needed.

This workshop focuses on leadership, active listening skills, fostering a sense of community, and improving morale.

Best suited for teams of 10+ people. Lasts 1-2.5 hours.

Self-Care in the Workplace

Practicing self-care at work can help decrease burn out and increase productivity. Modeling the importance of self-care can help improve morale and limit the amount of call outs which helps improve your bottom line. We offer a variety of self-care workshops including chant/drum programs, progressive muscle relaxation workshops, reflections through music, and therapeutic instrument play.

This workshop focuses on self-care, morale, and feelings of being “grounded” in the here and now.

Best suited for teams of 2+ people. Lasts 1-3 hours.

Team-Building Through Music

Your team will be led through a variety of team-building exercises structured through music. Drum circles, song recreation, song-writing, and other activities will be implemented as determined prior to the event. This workshop is great for new and existing teams. Infinity will provide all instruments and materials needed. No prior music experience is needed.

This workshop focuses on teamwork, communication, leadership, creative problem solving, and active listening.

Best suited for teams of 5-25 people. Lasts 1.5-4 hours.

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