Field Study for Music Therapy Students

***Our 2022 program will be in person! ***

Are you a music therapy student who is hungry to learn and its not quite time for your 6-month internship? This internship is designed to help you get your “foot in the door”, beef up your resume, and develop some strong clinical, professional, and musical skills to increase your marketability once you are out on the job market. This internship is best suited for students who have completed at least one (1) clinical placement. With that being said, we will consider any music therapy student and students who may not be appropriate for this placement may be eligible for our other internship program. (Click HERE to read more). This internship is conducted May/June-August with the exact dates determined by who is accepted into the program. This internship requires approximately a 20hr/week commitment and you must have access to reliable transportation in order to qualify.

This internship is unpaid (you will not be replacing any of our staff) and is conducted in a modified classroom environment. We accept up to three (3) interns each year for this program.

As an intern, you will...

Complete a case study under the guidance of a MT-BC

Conduct a weekly adapted music lesson under the guidance of a MT-BC

Conduct a community music group for children with special needs with your co-interns

Observe 1-3 clinical sessions weekly (group and individual)

Participate in a clinical guitar class

Participate in weekly workshops with your co-interns

Have the option to attend additional workshops to expand your intervention knowledge

Attend weekly team meetings to learn first-hand knowledge on how a clinical team works

Complete home assignments to expand your clinical, musical, and professional knowledge

Your weekly workshops

#1 Deeper Understanding of DisabilitiesThis workshop will move beyond basic definitions and will include how to assess for various needs across various disabilities/ disorders in each domain area. Interns will leave with a variety of interventions to assess for various needs.

#2 Session DesignThis workshop will focus on how to successfully transition between interventions and build sessions that take into account the sensory system and cognitive processing. We will discuss when it is appropriate to “throw out” your session plan and go with the flow. 

#3 Get Music Therapy Out of The Box: We will cover including other creative arts into music therapy. We will look at how MTs support and communicate with other allied health professionals and how using a more diverse clinical vocabulary can improve professional relationships. The Scope of Practice will be explored.

#4 From Student to Intern to ProfessionalThis workshop will cover what you need to know when transitioning between these roles. How do you look for an internship? What are they required to give you? What are the best ways to study for the exam? How do you avoid burnout? What can you do for self-care? How do you find and accrue CMTEs without going broke?

 #5 Time to Get a J-O-B!: Wahoo! Its time to get paid to play! This workshop will explore the differences between employment and contract work, salaried and hourly positions, etc. We will review what NEEDS to be in your resume and cover letter and will practice answering top interview questions. We will also review how to compare job offers. 

#6 Introduction to Business Ownership: We will discuss different types of legal entities, costs and benefits, marketing, and various topics as it relates to creating and growing a business.

#7 Ethical Issues in Music Therapy: We will review the code of ethics and the differences in ethics between AMTA and CBMT. We will discuss differences in ethical, professional, and legal concerns. We will use an ethical decision making model to assess a variety of scenarios.

#8 Thinking on Your Feet: How quick can you give an elevator speech? Can you answer questions about the benefits of music therapy, reimbursement, or a MTs training? How fast can you come up with intervention ideas or write songs on the spot? This workshop will help you develop your on the spot thinking and challenge your flexibility. 

To Qualify You Must...

1. Be a current music therapy student (undergrad or graduate level).  

2. Be organized, punctual, and have reliable transportation. 

3. Be willing to commit a minimum of 20hrs per week. Interns are expected to report to our clinic every Tuesday at 9:15am-11:15am for staff meetings. You will be required to stay for an extended workshop on several Tuesdays until about 5:00pm. Workshops and community music group times are to be determined but will most likely be Fridays 9:00am-5:00pm. Observations and other assignments are scheduled according to the intern’s availability. 

3. Be willing to sign a Non-Solicitation, Confidentiality, Non-Compete and Hold Harmless Agreement. (If under 18, a parent or guardian must sign consent). 

4. Pass a drug test and/or background check.    

Ready to apply?

Application materials are accepted January 1-April 1 of each year and top-scoring applicants will be invited to interview in-person or via skype by April 10. Questions regarding the program can be directed to or (860) 518-5557. Please submit the following materials to Jona Jeffcoat, MT-BC, Director of Services at

A current resume

A cover letter including your dates of availability, what you hope to gain from your time at Infinity, and any obligations you have during the summer

Two letters of reference (one professional, one personal) that speak to your organization, ability to participate in a team, and your character

A video of a two-minute audition tape on the instrument of your choosing

A paper answering the following questions:  What does it mean to be a member of a team? Why are you currently studying music therapy? What do you envision your dream job to look like? What is the biggest need the field of music therapy has? What is your musical background? What experience do you have working with individuals with developmental disabilities or with mental health disorders?

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