Group Home Services

Infinity provides individual and group services in group homes across the state for adults with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, and other needs. (If you are looking for information about services for children in DCF care, click HERE). We travel to our clients to provide customized services. We offer split billing between participants and we can provide individual and group treatment plans.

Specifically for individuals who are receiving services through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), music therapy can help support goals on the individual plan (IP) and Infinity can provide updates for your next team meeting. In addition, our knowledge of LON scores, the IP process, and other state processes makes scheduling services that will pass through audits a breeze!

Specifically for individuals with mental health needs or receiving services through the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), music therapy services can be designed to support an existing treatment plan or can be provided as a stand alone service. Our clinicians are available to attend team meetings to ensure therapy providers are actively collaborating.

For adults with developmental disabilities, music therapy can work on...

Increasing reality orientation

Improving communication skills

Improving range of motion

Memory maintenance

Providing sensory stimulation

Improving social skills

Increasing positive leisure skills

For adults with mental health disorders, music therapy can work on...

Improving positive coping skills

Improving self-expression

Improving goal setting skills

Improving self-esteem

Improving emotional literacy

Improving positive social interactions

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