Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality music therapy services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, neurological disorders, and health/ wellness needs throughout Connecticut. We empower youth and adults, unify families, and provide hope through the achievement of individualized goals accomplished through music. We believe that the possibilities for growth and treatment are endless. At Infinity, we strive to give back to the community through active volunteer projects, internship programs, and support to families in need. We believe that every individual should be able to enjoy their time in therapy, feel successful, and grow through treatment. We strive to provide convenient services in homes, schools, and facilities throughout the state. Our mission is to assist individuals and families in finding joy in each step they take.

Our Values

•We value each client’s response to music and celebrate each gain they make.

•We value using a client’s strengths paired with individualized music to achieve higher goals through innovative and creative means.

•We value the collaboration of our team and input from other professionals to treat an individual holistically.

•We value the collaboration of our clinicians with family members to build foundations of support.

•We value providing opportunities for individuals with special needs to feel included in community events.

•We value supporting our therapists and clients in self-care and wellness practices.

•We value continuing education for our clinicians.

•We value educating the public about music therapy and wellness.

Our values are infused into every aspect of our practice. We are passionate about changing the community for the better, one song at a time.

Inclusion Statement

Our staff are  filled with grief for the lives that have been lost at the hands of discrimination, joy of watching portions of our community come together in solidarity, and feelings of uncertainty as we take the steps necessary to work toward unity. Infinity has always believed that the possibilities are endless. We were founded on the principle that all people are created equal and deserve equal respect and opportunities to achieve their personalized goals regardless of age, disability, nationality, gender identification, race, etc. We are saddened by the systematic injustices that exist in our country at the local and national level and we stand in solidarity for positive change.  

We believe in taking action, speaking out against injustices, checking our own privilege, and working cohesively as a team and a community to create a safe space to make music, engage in treatment, and grow. We plan to continue to find opportunities to make music therapy and music lessons accessible to all and we work to break down gender and race barriers within our own work.  

Wherever you are on this journey of life and no matter how you identify,  we want you to know that you are welcome and accepted for who you are as a person at Infinity Music Therapy Services. We grieve with our extended family for the lives that were cut too short and for our brothers and sisters that are scared, worried, and angry. While we don’t have the words to fully capture the feelings of our community or to ease the pain felt by so many, we hope to continue to be safe haven and a pillar of support. 

You are loved. You are wanted. You are enough.

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