Our Approach

Infinity Music Therapy Services utilizes a team-based approach in all of our services in order to provide our clients with a high-quality approach to therapy and learning. We are not just a group of people working at the same company; we are a team that believes in working cohesively with the network of support each of our clients have, the other health-care professionals and teachers involved in each person’s support, and the other members of our close-knit team. This impacts your care and experience by:


Our entire team participates in individual and group supervision. We collaborate on goals and objectives, share interventions and behavioral strategies, and discuss new techniques for music lessons. Our therapists participate in supervision during mock sessions at our team meetings and are supervised during clinical sessions. In addition, we also share resources the entire team can access that have come up during conversations and supervision so each team member has a wealth of behavior programs, adapted lessons material, emotional literacy visuals, and more to access.

The Result: Our therapists incorporate ideas from the entire team into each therapy session and music lesson. Each client’s progress is communicated back to the team to keep your treatment/ education plan on track. Our clients receive the expertise from our entire team AND when appropriate, our therapists co-treat with each other to ensure the best treatment plan possible is in place. 

Continuing Education

Our entire team regularly participates in continuing education above and beyond the mandates required by the Certification Board for Music Therapists to maintain our certification. Our team participates monthly team trainings in which members of our team and members of the community present on topics of interest to help us improve our clinical, musical, and professional skills. We also regularly present at the local and national level at professional conferences about music’s therapeutic and educational benefits. Our clinicians also individually complete continuing education  and then they bring learned material back to the team.

The Result: We have therapists that are trained in counseling techniques, incorporating sign language into music therapy, adapting music lessons, creative arts birth education, sensory integration techniques, sound healing, and more. Our team is able to collaborate on cases and bring a wealth of knowledge to each of our clients. 

Data Driven and Client Centered

We plan our therapy sessions and music lessons with our clients in mind. We don’t shy away from including Pokemon when asked or using rap music. Have an interest in all of the presidents? Trust us, we have song for that and don’t even get us started on the number of ways we’ve incorporated Minions into music therapy and music lessons! Our sessions are never a blanket design. They are ALWAYS client centered. We take data every single session to ensure that music therapy is appropriate and effective. Even our music lessons are adapted based upon the learning needs and preferences of our students.

The Result: Every single therapy client receives an assessment report with a full treatment plan that helps explain and validate the use of music as a therapeutic tool. Our clients always know what we are working toward and we automatically complete goal reviews a minimum of every six-months so you can determine yourself if you believe treatment has been effective. We are not just there to make music-we are there for a concrete, measurable purpose. With that being said, our clients often forget music therapy is in fact, therapy first and foremost. Our client-centered approach makes the hard work of therapy more manageable and enjoyable. Our music lessons have a laser focus and a summary of progress is written every six-months to keep us on track. 


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