Music Lessons

We offer music lessons to children and adults of all ages and abilities in their homes, in our clinics, and at other locations. We work with children and adults with and without disabilities. We use a client-centered approach when designing each music lesson so the person learns to love playing instead of it becoming “just another thing to do”.

Our team consists of music therapists and music teachers which allows us to collaborate on lesson design in order to ensure each lesson is comprehensive and built for the learning style of the individual. 

We currently provide lessons on voice, guitar, ukulele, piano, percussion, drum set, flute, recorder, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, music theory, songwriting, and general music, just to name a few! We offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. (Have a group of friends who all want to learn? We can build you a cost-effective group!)

We also work with homeschool families and offer daytime, evening, and weekend hours.

Home- Based Lessons

We offer home-based music lessons throughout most of Connecticut. When deciding if you want to have lessons in home, consider the following factors:

Pros: Convenient, helps save you time especially if you are trying to juggle multiple schedules

Cons: There are usually multiple distractions at home which can result in a less focused lesson, the instructor has limited access to materials that may be useful in the moment and pets, siblings, and even cooking dinner can cause students to get off track

Clinic-Based Lessons

We offer music lessons at our clinic located in Southington and we are open to working in other remote locations. When deciding if you want to have lessons at our clinic, consider the following factors:

Pros: Your teacher can grab anything at a moment’s notice which allows us to custom design lessons in the moment based upon each student’s response to a lesson. We can copy and print music during a lesson, pull in other instruments if requested, etc. We have access to a piano and drum set at our clinic. We have a convenient waiting area and you can grab a complimentary cup of coffee. If an instrument breaks, we usually have back-up.

Cons: You need to travel to us and it may take a couple of weeks for the student to get comfortable in our space

Adapted Music Lessons

We proudly offer music lessons for individuals with special needs. Because we have board certified music therapists on staff, we are able to adapt instruments, teaching methodologies, and music for children and adults of all ages and abilities, as needed. Music therapists are SPECIALISTS who are specifically trained in how the brain processes music and how we can use music to work on cognition, finger dexterity, attention to task, and more—all of the same skills needed to play an instrument or sing.

Our music therapists are knowledgeable about how to use music and music lessons to work on fine motor skills, speech and language, and other skill areas. We are also able to use music lessons as a vehicle to process crisis and trauma, provide a positive outlet for expression and more as part of a comprehensive music therapy treatment plan.

Our adapted lessons are written as part of a music therapy treatment plan. This allows us to take formal data and adapt lessons as necessary according to an individual’s true performance in an area. Please note that not all students with special needs will require adaptations to a music lesson.

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