Home-Based Music Therapy Services

In addition to providing music therapy services at our Southington clinic, we also offer in-home services, when appropriate. We have therapists located throughout most of Connecticut. Contact us to find out if we have availability near you. We have experience working with a variety of clientele in home including children and adults with developmental disabilities, children and adults with mental health disorders, older adults with neurological needs, children in foster care, and other populations.

When we provide home-based services, we transport a variety of instruments and materials to the service location.

Benefits of in-home services

  • Providing services in someone’s natural environment can result in an easier generalization of skills from therapy to everyday life.
  • Everyday distractions are present which provides opportunities to practice real life skills being addressed in therapy.
  • Families and care-givers can attend to other children, prep dinner, enjoy a cup of coffee, or otherwise do things that may not be possible (or easily accomplished) while sitting in a waiting room.
  • You don’t waste time traveling.

Considerations for in-home services

  • Animals can easily become a distraction or may become upset by instrument play.
  • Siblings/ roommates may have difficulty understanding that someone else gets to “play” while they do not.
  • A space is needed for music therapy that will not be easily interrupted and has sufficient room for the materials being used.
  • Due to the distractions of toys, environmental distractions, etc., engagement may be more difficult at first and at the beginning of treatment, a lot of time may be spent focusing on engagement.
  • Potential allergens can be a concern for the therapist therefore limiting the clinician we can send you.
  • Transitions can be difficult into treatment as you need to plan for when the therapist is arriving and limit distractions leading up to treatment.

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