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Infinity’s clinicians are leaders in healthcare and are frequently sought out for our powerful presentations that leave attendees with information and resources that they can implement the same day at home, in their classroom, or in their therapy session. Our workshops include live experientials, group discussion, lecture, and video samples (when appropriate). We have presented at professional conferences at the local and national level, professional development workshops in school districts, and have provided private presentations to mental health practioners, early childhood providers, and other groups of individuals. Our workshops typically last 90 minutes-2 hours but we have planned workshops as short as 60 minutes and as long as 5 hours. Each workshop is independently quoted based upon the number of people attending, the type of presentation, and the length of the presentation.

A list of our most popular presentations are below. We proudly custom build workshops based upon a client’s needs. We are available to present during conference concurrent sessions, as a keynote speaker, and at school professional development workshops. Workshops are available in our clinic(s) and we also travel throughout the state.

Rockin' Readers

This presentation is designed for professionals and parents working with children ages 6 months-7 years old. Our Rockin’ Reader workshop covers information on how music and music-based activities can support literacy skills including letter identification, reading comprehension, story retelling, rhyme schemes, sight words, and other literacy concepts. Common children’s books are discussed and strategies to make them interactive through song and instrument play are reviewed. (recommended workshop time: 2-3hrs)

Transitions Are Easy!

This presentation is designed for professionals and parents working with children ages 18 months-10 years old. This workshop covers why transitions are often difficult for children and provides music-based strategies to make transitions more fluid. Participants will learn how to write their own original transition song. (recommended workshop time: 90min-2hrs)

That Song Said What?!?

This presentation is designed for professionals and parents working with children ages 8 years-18 years old. This workshop discusses how to use the songs a child is listening to to open gateways for communication and discuss more difficult topics. This presentation covers what to say and do when children are listening to songs with lyrics that can be interpretted as being innappropriate. (recommended workshop time: 90min-2hrs)

ABC's and 123's: Teaching Academics Through Song

This presentation is designed for professionals and parents working with children ages 9 months-8 years old. This workshop covers how to use music and music-based activities to teach and reinforce academic concepts including geometry, number identification, letter identification, rhyme schemes, addition, sight words, etc. Visuals, instruments, books, and movement to music will be discussed. (recommended workshop time: 90min-3hrs)

Using Music to Promote Self-Care

This presentation is designed for professionals and parents who want to learn how to use music and art to promote their own personal self-care. Progressive muscle relaxation, singing, mandala art work, meditation techniques, and other strategies will be discussed and implemented during this workshop. (recommended workshop time: 90min-4hrs)

The Music Toolkit: Using Music-Based Strategies for Development

This presentation is designed for professionals and parents who work with children ages birth-6 years old. Developmental milestones will be reviewed with an emphasis on how music supports motor, speech, and cognitive milestones. Video samples will be provided to demonstrate various milestones. Music-based activities will be discussed and explored using household materials. Strategies will be discussed to help support early childhood development through singing, instrument play, and other music-based activities. (recommended workshop time: 90min-2.5hrs)

Adapting Music for Students with Special Needs

This presentation is designed for music teachers and instructors working with children with special needs. Basic behavior strategies will be reviewed. Information on how to adapt music, instruments, and lessons will be discussed. Live experientials will be provided. Adapted instruments will be reviewed. (recommended workshop time: 2hrs-4hrs)

What people are saying...

“Very relevant and so informative”

“She was wonderful and gave me so many ideas. It was one of the best workshops I have ever been to!”

“This was fabulous and so interesting and helpful. I’m going to start using the ideas in my classroom tomorrow!”

“I am leaving this workshop with a better idea on how to connect music into everything we do including giving directions and transitioning.”

“I left the workshop feeling comfortable using my own voice. The workshop was engaging , fun, and informative.”

“She is obviously very connected to her work and is doing what she loves. As a result, I left with more ideas on how to use the books I love in the classroom.”

“I learned how to make my own books and add different beats into my stories. It was engaging, entertaining, and fun. I really enjoyed myself and learned a ton!”

“I am leaving this workshop with a better idea on how to sing on the spot!”

“She was knowledgeable, creative, awesome, fun, and motivating! I want her to be my teacher!”

“I loved using the drums and the book examples given. The seating arrangement was conducive to learning. The presentation was phenomenal!”

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